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[!important] Incubation Project
This project is an incubation project being run inside the Green Software Foundation; as such, we *DON’T recommend using it in any critical use case. Incubation projects are experimental, offer no support guarantee, have minimal governance and process, and may be retired at any moment. This project may one day graduate, in which case this disclaimer will be removed.

Project Summary

At its core the Carbon Aware SDK is a WebApi and Command Line Interface (CLI) to assist in building carbon aware software. The functionality across the CLI and WebApi is identical by design.

Short description

You can reduce the carbon footprint of your application by just running things at different times and in different locations. That is because not all electricity is produced in the same way. Most is produced through burning fossil fuels, some is produced using cleaner sources like wind and solar.

When software does more when the electricity is clean and do less when the electricity is dirty, or runs in a location where the energy is cleaner, we call this carbon aware software.

The Carbon Aware SDK helps you build the carbon aware software solutions with the intelligence to use the greenest energy sources. Run them at the greenest time, or in the greenest locations, or both! Capture consistent telemetry and report on your emissions reduction and make informed decisions.

With the Carbon Aware SDK you can build software that chooses to run when the wind is blowing, enable systems to follow the sun, moving around the world to where energy is the greenest, and create tools that give insights and help software innovators to make greener software decisions. All of this helps reduce carbon emissions.

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