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  1. Make sure to join our newsletter if you need more time to figure out if/how/where you want to get involved, our newsletter highlights important announcements, news, calls to action, and hot discussion topics every week. So subscribe, lurk and when you are ready, engage. You can read the previous issues here.

  2. Complete our Green Software Training Course. Green software means different things to different people. So let's get clear on what it is we do. Most of what we do will make sense if you have a basic understanding of green software. It takes 2-3 hours, and if you pass the exam, you get a certificate of completion from the Linux Foundation.

  3. Read our Theory of Change. This describes our goal and how we believe we’ll get there.

  4. Read up on How we work. We have a unique working model; it can be scary and confusing if you don't know the rules but comforting and welcoming if you do.

  5. Visit our discussions board, and feel free to say Hi in the introductions category.

  6. Most projects have issues/discussions on GitHub; feel free to browse when you are ready to add your thoughts to any topics.


  1. Follow the same instructions as the Associate Getting Started Guide above.

  2. Fill out this form using your work email to be added to our list. Note, again this list is only for employees of member organizations.

  3. Once your application is approved, we will add you to several internal email lists,,, and Please ensure these are added as contacts in your email platform to make sure our messages don't go to spam. Our newsletter is monthly, and the announcements email is just a few times a year.