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In general, GSF does not have any funding available to support meetup group events. Organizers are encouraged to seek sponsorship from their own organization or local community to cover any costs that come from organizing events including venue, food & beverage costs. Please carefully review these guidelines before seeking sponsors for your event.

  • Sponsors can be recognized by adding their name/logo on the Meetup event page and thanked at the beginning of the meetup.

  • Sponsors may speak at a meetup just like any other person or organization is welcome to speak at a meetup. 

  • Sponsorships in return for product pitches are not allowed.

  • Sharing of any attendee data with sponsors is not allowed.

3.8 Running virtual meetups


You may want to consider running online meetups when that makes sense for your local community members. http:// has great tools for organizing and promoting a virtual event, for handling registration and communicating with attendees. Have a look at  the support article Hosting an online event on Meetup  

GSF has Zoom accounts that we can make available to Organizers if needed. Contact us at If you intend to use Zoom, you may find it helpful to read the Managing Zoom Meetings Guide in Appendix B.  

Here are a few more useful resources for online events:



You can find recordings of GSF events on theGSF YouTube channel. If you would like to add any meetup recordings from your events, please contact us.


We encourage all organizers to run new and creative types of events in their area. For instance, you may be thinking about running a hackathon or a training bootcamp. Browse the available on the GSF website. They offer topics for possible training and workshop sessions. More resources are in planning, including certifications.


  • Lessons learned: What has worked well and what could be improved?  

  • Generating ideas of new things to try

  • How to keep your local community engaged

  • Recruiting speakers and selecting engaging topics

  • Creating new events easier and more effectively

  • Drafting an event template for a virtual workshop

  • Drafting recommendations for improving processes, event organization

  • Improving accessibility of resources, e.g. , Chat, Google Drive, GitHub, YouTube