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Opensource / Impact Framework

[!important] Incubation Project
This project is an incubation project being run inside the Green Software Foundation; as such, we *DON’T recommend using it in any critical use case. Incubation projects are experimental, offer no support guarantee, have minimal governance and process, and may be retired at any moment. This project may one day graduate, in which case this disclaimer will be removed.

Project Summary

IEF is a framework to Model, Measure, siMulate and Monitor the environmental impacts of software.

Modern applications are composed of many smaller pieces of software (components) running on many different environments, for example, private cloud, public cloud, bare-metal, virtualized, containerized, mobile, laptops, and desktops. Every environment requires a different way of measurement, and there is no single solution you can use to calculate the carbon emissions for all environments.
The friction to measuring software emissions isn't that we need to know how, it's that we run software on many things and each thing has several different ways to measure.

Integration with SCI Open Data

At the backend IF project is planned to be integrated with multiple datasets that can be used to provide carbon emissions values. These datasets could be public or private as well.

As per SCI specifications, carbon emissions values are required for the 4 different components of the SCI equation E, I, M and R. There are reference emission value datasets like Climatiq, Boazvita, Cloud carbon co-efficients that need to be leveraged to provide values for these SCI components. We refer to these emission value datasets as SCI open data and there is a curated list of datasets available as part of the SCI guide project

Get Involved

  • PM: Joseph Cook (Green Software Foundation)

  • WGPM: Sophie Trinder (Green Software Foundation)

  • Project Lead - Srinivasan Rakhunathan (Microsoft)

  • Co-Lead - Navveen Balani (Accenture)

  • Co-Lead - Asim Hussain (GSF)

  • Email: carbon-ql@greensoftware.foundation (members only)

  • Discussions: GitHub (members and public)