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The Project Manageris typically GSF Staff.

The Project Lead is typically an employee of a GSF Member.

Recurring PM Tasks

  • Create weekly agendas/sprints for all of your projects each week.
    At the beginning of each week, Project Managers should review the previous week’s agendas and create a new one with tasks which are still actionable or pending. These agendas should be reviewed during the weekly/fortnightly meetings or asynchronously. Some projects might use sprints for weekly planning.

  • Update OKRs/KPIs each Monday.
    Project Managers should review their OKRs/KPIs and update the latest figures to the project tracking spreadsheet to review during the OKR meeting held weekly on Tuesday.

  • Attend the weekly PPP/OKR call and update all project data.
    Project Managers should attend the weekly PPP meeting to provide a status update on their projects, raise any issues or bottlenecks and ask for help where needed to meet critical milestones.

  • Update OKRs/KPIs before the SC meeting and at the end of each month.
    KPIs should be updated before every monthly SC meeting and on the last day of the month.

  • Attend the fortnightly (bi-weekly) Working Group calls and update all project data.
    Project Managers should attend the Working Group meetings to give a status update on their projects to the WGs and create space for members to contribute their ideas, time and resources. A new GitHub agenda is used for these meetings every time which should be updated by PMs accordingly.


For further details see also OKRs and KPIs & Milestones

If you encounter any problems with the GitHub setup please submit an issue to

Marketing Projects

We strive to keep our valued members and the broader green software community in the loop about the exciting milestones we achieve in our projects and important changes that can impact individual contributions and project outcomes.