Project Management

The purpose of these documents is to provide guidance to Project Managers of the Green Software Foundation about how to run their project and comply with the GSF requirements.

Getting Started



Project Planning & Tracking

  • the primary project doc every project should have.

  • to track the impact of project after first release

  • to track the progress of a project towards it’s next milestone.

  • is the central solution for tracking all metrics for all projects.

Minimum Viable Project

Every project in the Foundation needs at least these.

  1. A repository on GitHub (see )

  2. The relevant teams created and GitHub and added with permissions to the GitHub repository (see )

  3. A project board on GitHub to manage the issues (see )

  4. A public discussion forum on your GitHub repository (see )

  5. A page on the Project Wiki (see )

  6. A private email list (google group) which is used to communicate with people interested in the project. (see )

  7. Ensure the digest email process has your project, repository and email list registered so a digest email of all activities goes our to all interested parties every Monday (see )

  8. At least the next milestone defined with KPIs (metrics) to track progress towards those milestones. (see )

  9. Projects getting closer to graduation need OKRs to measure their impact post release. (see )

  10. Have you considered how you are going to market major milestones, this is not an afterthought and requires careful planning (see )