Roles and Responsibilities


  • Overseas the Steering Committee meetings.

  • Primary spokesperson to the Foundations constituents, the media, and the general public.

  • The Chairperson and the Steering Committee determine the Foundation's overarching scope, goals, and strategic direction.

  • Focused on helping the Foundation achieve its mission long-term.

  • Works with the Executive Director to fulfill the mission through programs, strategic planning, and community outreach.

  • Develops resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization.

  • Responsible for the financial compliance of the Foundation, including all inbound and outbound transactions, including donations, large gifts, and employee payroll.

  • Finding and attracting new members and sponsorship.

Executive Director

  • Responsible for managing the operational side of the Foundation.

  • Handles all of the day-to-day initiatives of an organization and works directly with employees, volunteers, and other teams to fulfill the Foundation's mission.

  • Works with the people on the ground – staff, volunteers, accountants, marketers, fundraisers, etc. – to turn the Foundation's high-level goals into reality.

  • The position reports directly to the Steering Committee.

  • Oversees and implements appropriate resources to ensure the organization's operations are warranted.

  • Review and approve contracts for services.

Operations Director

  • Onboard new organizations and new individual members into the Foundation.

  • The operational interface between the Green Software Foundation, the broader Linux Foundation, and Membership.

  • Managing pay and contracts for all staff of the Foundation.

  • Managing all paid-for services and tooling that the Foundation requires.

  • Ensuring financial targets and other agreed targets are met in all departments.

  • Ownership of the Foundation's budget, including regular Steering Committee updates.

  • Ensuring the Foundation follows applicable rules, regulations, and processes.

  • Reviewing and approving equipment needs and expense requests.

  • Primary contact for member organizations and their representatives.

  • Investigating member organization satisfaction and reporting any issues.

  • Working with legal departments on any matters that occur.

Project Director

  • Responsible for all Working Groups, Special Interest Groups, and Projects in the Foundation (this includes community projects and operations projects).

  • Managing, monitoring, and ensuring project quality.

  • Making strategic decisions and providing leadership and direction to project managers to implement those decisions.

  • Meeting with clients, stakeholders, and project managers to report on project progress.

  • Liaising with member organizations and building strong working relationships.

  • Devising cost-effective plans to enable effective project completion.

  • Managing risks to avoid delays or reputational damage.

  • Managing project managers and enabling them to supervise and manage their own teams.

Project Manager

  • Guide Working Group Chairs as they deliver clear, concise, and measurable deliverables

  • Owns supporting the Working Group chairs and facilitating Working Group meetings.