Working Groups, Steering Committee and some Projects in the Foundation function via Consensus.

Consensus means there needs to be agreement on every decision.

If you do not agree to a decision clearly state this by using the words “I object” either verbally or in writing.

If we don’t have consensus we may proceed to a super majority vote, 66% of members need to agree to the decision.

Individuals might be asked what choice they vote for but votes are per organization and each Steering and General Member organization has one vote each.

More details regarding Decision Making are in our section.


The Foundation has several governance layers: (WG) are the main focus of activity in the Foundation. We have 4, Standards, Policy, Open Source and Community. Please visit those pages for details regarding each Working Group. Every Project in the Foundation belongs to one of the Working Groups. Each Working Group is led by 1 or more Chairs with support from GSF Staff.

The (OC) is the body responsible for more technical, tactical, day-to-day aspects of running the Foundation. They review project proposals, make recommendations to the SC for budget changes and changes to our charter. The Oversight Committee is made up of the Working Group chairs and Project Leads for Graduated projects.

The is the body responsible for governing the Foundation. Every Steering Member nominates a Primary and Alternate to represent them in the steering committee calls. The Steering Committee focusses on the long term strategy of the Foundation. They decide the OKRs of the Foundation as a whole. They approve the Foundations Budget. The Steering Committee are the only body that can change the Foundations Charter.