Project Boards

We structure Issues into GitHub Project Boards.

  • Boards can contain issues from one repository or multiple repositories.

  • Boards allow you to define other fields outside the normal set of fields that are available to GitHub Issues.

  • Boards allow you to define custom views of issues.

  • Boards allow you to order issues to define which issues are most important.

You can see the list of all the Project Boards in the Foundation in this link.

Each Group and Project should also list its Board in this Wiki, in the Working Groups or Projects pages.

Besides Project Boards, we also have Discipline Boards for Web, Graphic Design, Content and Marketing, see bellow.

Adding an Issue to a Board

Only issue which are explicitly added to projects will be seen on the project boards, so this is an important step.

To add an issue to a board you need to make sure the board(s) are selected in the issue, like so:


Managing multiple projects in one repository/board

Most repositories contain issues just for one project, some repositories contain issues for multiple distinct projects.

A good example of this is the board

In these repos where we manage the tasks for multiple projects, if the project is very small (few tasks only) then use an epic ticket to contain all the related tasks.

If the project is large then use a label starting with p-, for example p-annual-report and assign the label to every issue associated with the project.

Discipline Boards

Some disciplines are cross functional, for example graphic design.

Many projects in the Foundation might need graphic design work, rather then create a separate issue in another graphic design repository which can easily get lost, create an issue in your project repository but assign it to the Graphic Design Board.

Every Discipline Board starts with D : for example D : Web (

Kanban View

In GitHub project boards you can easily see all the issues in the Kanban view.

You can filter issues in the top search bar.


You can see all the issues assigned to someone by clicking their profile picture


You can quickly see all issues tagged a certain way by clicking a label