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Foundation OKRs

OBJ1: Attract and retain members

KR1.1: 80% of our members renew their subscription every year

KR1.2: 80% of our steering member orgs have turned up to at least one board meeting in the last 3 months

KR1.3: 20% of our individual members are active on GSF GitHub every week

KR1.4: Maintain revenue for 2023 at 2022 levels

OBJ2: Change tech culture

KR2.1: 10K users are members of GSF meetup groups by end of 2023

KR2.2: 10K newsletter subscribers by the end of 2023

KR2.3: Speakers give 100 green software talks at conferences in 2023 / Speakers give 100 public green software talks in 2023

KR2.4: 200K people have viewed at least one insight from the SoGS report by end 2023

OBJ3: Change knowledge

KR3.1: 1 million devs have enrolled in one of our training courses by the end of 2023

KR4.2: 5 academic institutions reference green software foundation content in their courses by the end of 2023

KR5.3: We have 50K visitors a month to our own sites by end of 2023