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Currently, synchronous meetings (meetings where everyone gets on a call simultaneously) are how the Foundation functions, our consensus model and voting require synchronous meetings. This is challenging for people who are not in the same time zone as the meeting for people who have a meeting clash, and the Foundation is looking at alternative models to include all members.

Meetings are a core component of the functioning of GSF.


  • We use Google Meet by standard to host all virtual meetings. Some groups use Zoom by consensus.

  • Meetings may be recorded with the permission of the attendees.


  • All regularly scheduled meeting AND/OR meetings where entire groups are invited (e.g. project meetings/working group meetings) needs to exist in the Green Software Foundation (This link for GSF staff) shared calendar.

    • Meetings in the shared calendar can be edited by people other than the organizer, which is useful when the organizer is away, and the meeting need to be changed.

  • One-off meetings between smaller sets of people can be scheduled on any calendar.

Before the meeting

  • Every meeting should have an agenda issue on the appropriate GitHub repo, and it should have the label “agenda”.

  • The agenda issue should be emailed to the WG distribution list associated with that working group/project prior to the meeting (at least a few days) so they can suggest any additional agenda items, comments beforehand.

  • PMs: Confirm with the WG Chairs and Project Leads prior to the meeting what they want on the Agenda and in what priority.

  • The email subject should be GSF (Project Name/Working Group Name) Meeting Agenda YYYY-MM-DD

  • Add a link to this instance of the meeting to the email, so people can add it to their cals if it’s missing.

Open up the instance of the meeting in your Google Calendar and click the 3 dots


Copy the link to the event

During the meeting

  • Attendees: You must comment on the issue for your attendance of the meeting to be noted. You’ve voting rights in the Foundation are linked to the attendance of meetings and activity on GitHub so this is particularly important.

  • PMs: Try to make notes of what is being discussed and add rough notes as a comment to the issue, eg.

    • Asim: Made this point.

    • Someone: Had this idea

After the meeting

  • The agenda issue needs to be updated to reflect any decisions make in the meeting or action items for the next meeting.

  • At this point the agenda issue for the NEXT meeting should be created with what you already know of the next agenda, it can be blank.

  • Following every meeting, send a reply to the GSF (Project Name/Working Group Name) Meeting Agenda YYYY-MM-DD email you sent out previously with:

    • A link to the completed agenda issue with minutes, decisions and action items.

    • A link to the next agenda ticket so people can start commenting, raising agendas early.

    • If it was recorded a link to the recording.