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    Volunteers: Getting Started


    Welcome to the Green Software Foundation. If you are an employee of a member organization follow the steps in this guide to start getting involved in the GSF.

    Add help@greensoftware.foundation, admin@greensoftware.foundation and gsf-all@greensoftware.foundation to your email contacts to ensure we don’t end up in spam!

    Sometimes our content gets old, and only some projects have up-to-date information, feel free to contact us at help@greensoftware.foundation, and we will guide you.

    Step 1 - Complete our registration form (⌛~2 min)
    • You MUST use your work email address for your submission. Only employees of member organizations can gain access to private spaces in the GSF.

    • You MUST have a GitHub account to complete our registration form (it takes 1 min to create one), everything we do is on GitHub.

    • This will add you to our main mailing list, this is private just for members of the Foundation. You will receive a welcome email and a monthly email that summarizes our activities.

    • This is the minimum you need to start but we really recommend you follow a few more steps!

    Step 2 - Introduce yourself in our discussion forum (⌛~3 min)
    • Our discussion forum is public and open to everyone.

    • Make sure to introduce yourself and dive into conversations that interest you the most!

    Step 3 - We’d also love if you joined us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Subscribe to our weekly public newsletter (⌛~3 min)
    Step 4 - Read our Theory of Change. (⌛~5 min)
    • This describes the missions, vision of the Foundation and more importantly how we believe we’ll get there. This underpins much of our work.

    Step 5 - Understand our model (⌛~15 min)
    • The Foundation exists to create a safe space for collaboration between multiple organizations. Understand how we are structured, our consensus and voting model, our working groups and committees. Knowing how we work and engage with one another will help you navigate the GSF.

    Step 6 - Subscribe to the and/or that interest you the most. (⌛🤷🏽‍♂️)
    • Fill in this form to subscribe to our working groups and projects. Subscribing will add you to the mailing list for that working group/project and invite you to any meetings.

    • You MUST use the same work email address you used for your registration.

    • Subscribing is not a commitment, it’s an invitation. Feel free to read any email conversations you see. When you ready, add your thoughts to any conversation or join a meeting.

    • If you want to engage meaningfully in the GSF, even if you are someone very experienced in the green software space, we strongly recommend you complete our training course.

    • It’s short. You can complete it in 2 hrs.

    • You’ll be more able to engage in conversations across the rest of the GSF if you know the principles of green software and the language we use to describe green software concepts.