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A project refers to a collaborative endeavor to deliver a work item. Projects may entail producing a document, such as requirements or use cases, a whitepaper, or an analysis. A project's scope can also replace or build on the Foundation's capability. Projects may involve growing the community of green software practitioners through events, training, and other community activities.

How are projects governed?

Each project is governed by a governing body that ultimately make decisions regarding the projects deliverables. The main governing bodies are either one of the https://greensoftwarefoundation.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/~612dd45e45cd76006a84071a/pages/950283, the https://greensoftwarefoundation.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/~612dd45e45cd76006a84071a/pages/852084 or critical projects required for the smooth running of the Foundation are governed by the Executive Team (the GSF staff themselves).

For member led projects the Technical Oversight Committee owns the project lifecycle process, approves new projects and approves changes to a projects state as it matures. To find our more information regarding how to propose a project, a projects life-cycle and the governance of projects please visit the technical oversight committees page.

The strong preference is that projects are governed by the members, however projects may be governed by the Operations team if they are:

  • Critical to the smooth running of the Foundation.

  • Have strict constraints (e.g. must be released by a certain time or on a regular schedule) that make them difficult to be resourced by volunteers.

  • Hold a significant risk (reputational, financial, regulatory).

  • Of significant value to the Foundations mission but insufficient resources or interest from the members to provide governance.

For operations led projects the decisions are ultimately made by the GSF staff members and led by the Executive Director of the Foundation.

Project List

Led by Executive Team

  • https://greensoftwarefoundation.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/~612dd45e45cd76006a84071a/pages/3407963: Interviews, panels, discussion with leading voices in the emerging field of green software.

  • : Thought pieces, interviews and practical advice about apply green software on our website.

  • : Weekly newsletter keeping people informed on the latest news, events, training and tooling around the field of green software.

  • Champions Program: Program highlighting stand-out speakers, writers, organizers, mentors and contributors leading the way in advancing green software knowledge, culture and tooling.

  • Carbon Hack: Annual hackathon to accelerate innovations in green software.

  • Communications Director: Namrata Narayan (LI) | Green Software Foundation

  • Podcast Host: Chris Adams (LI) | The Green Web Foundation

  • Newsletter Contributions:

Led by Standards Working Group

  • Software Carbon Intensity (SCI) Specification

  • SCI Guidance

  • SCI Data

Key people & links

Led by Open Source Working Group

  • Impact Framework

  • Carbon Aware API

  • Carbon Ci Pipeline

  • Awesome Green Software

Led by Policy Working Group

  • State of Green Software Report

Led by Community Working Group