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Steering Committee (SC)

The Steering Committee is the main governing body of the Green Software Foundation. Participants are selected by Steering Member Organizations. Each Steering Member Organization can nominate a primary and an alternate representative.

Individuals currently on the Steering Committee are on our team page and listed here.


SC members play a crucial role in providing clarity of direction by aligning their efforts with the mission and vision of the foundation. Every SC member is encouraged to engage in thoughtful discussions to help set strategic objectives and ensure the activities and initiatives of the foundation help build a trusted ecosystem of peoplestandardstooling, and best practices for green software. 

The SC’s main responsibilities include providing:

  • Strategic definition and oversight.

  • Regulatory compliance and monitoring.

  • Maintenance of relationships and organizational identity.

  • Decisions on the OKRs of the Foundation.

  • Approval of the Foundation's Budget.

  • Approval of changes to the Foundation's Charter.

Mutual accountability and support are essential among committee members, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone is responsible for their commitments and supports one another's contributions. By fostering open communication and sharing diverse perspectives, the committee enhances situational awareness and promotes contextual understanding for informed decision-making and adaptability to evolving challenges and opportunities.

Decision-making Domains

  • Confirmation of strategic priorities.

  • Legal oversight.

  • Operational advice.

  • Access to external resources.