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CarbonHack takes place from March 18th to April 8th 2024. You can now sign up for information on the CarbonHack Website. For more information, check out our Carbon Hack FAQ


In 2024, Carbon Hack is about how we measure the environmental impact of software.

Until now, no single solution has managed to calculate software’s impacts across all components, across all environments.

Impact Framework (IF), an open source project, aims to do just that. As the project developers, our vision is comprehensive and consistent measurement of the environmental impact of software - be it for carbon emissions, water or land usage, or other chemical impacts.

From March 18 - April 8, 2024, hack participants will compete to showcase their best application of IF in reducing the ecological footprint of software. CarbonHack is open to all, including software practitioners and those with a passion for Green Software.

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The Hack Experience

Carbon Hack is a dynamic competition that combines healthy rivalry with collaborative innovation. Hackers will push the limits of the framework, uncover potential weaknesses, and create innovations to enhance the tool.

In small teams, participants can select from a range of projects including:

  • Showcasing the framework's versatility by measuring various environmental impacts—carbon emissions, water usage, and more.

  • Adding Manifest Files to use IF in innovative ways.

  • Adding model plugins that provide new impact measurements or features to IF.

  • Contributing to the framework itself, making it more performant, improving the UX or adding some feature to the infrastructure.

  • Creating documentation or other non-code media that helps explain or spread the word about IF.

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