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Standards / Software Carbon Efficiency Rating


This project aims to develop a standard for a benchmark platform and test metrics for evaluating the carbon efficiency of software. The initiative will provide comparable scores for software with the same functionality, informing procurement decisions and potentially shaping regulations similar to ENERGY STAR or EPA Fuel Economy Ratings.


Scope: The working group will focus on the following key areas, including the development of a software carbon efficiency rating (SCER) standard:

  • Software Carbon Efficiency Rating (SCER) Standard: Develop a standardized software carbon efficiency rating system that can assess and rate the carbon efficiency of software products. This standard will provide a framework for evaluating and comparing the environmental impact of different software applications, through the inclusion of a benchmark and a rating algorithm which can be used for decision making around carbon-efficiency of the software applications.

  • Creating a Green Software Certification Lab (GSCL), a standardized testing and certification lab for green software, similar to UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for hardware and electrical systems, involves defining specific criteria, processes, and requirements to evaluate and certify the environmental sustainability and efficiency of software applications. Here is a set of specifications for the lab: Certification Framework, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Impact, Resource Optimization, Power Efficiency, Green Data Management, Renewable Energy Compatibility, Sustainable Development Practices, Certification Levels, etc.

  • Documentation and Guidelines: Create comprehensive documentation and guidelines that detail the carbon-efficient software development process and the SCER rating system.

  • Community Engagement: blogs and conferences promoting SCER.


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Getting Involved

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