Standards / Transforming Organisational Software Sustainability

The Green Software Patterns Catalogue is an online open-source database of software patterns that, if applied, will reduce software emissions. The catalogue is designed to make green software patterns easy to understand and implement.


The Green Software Foundation has been building the methods, tools, standards, and patterns to help both developers and operational engineers embed green software practices. To first use these tools and embed them in organisations, we require a framework that provides changemakers in organisations with an approach to adopting, using, and reducing carbon emissions from running software applications.

Implementing measures to reduce software emissions can result in an enhanced and robust technology platform. Reduced emissions can also result in immediate cost reductions for businesses, as they will need to acquire fewer offsets in order to attain carbon neutrality. A cost-benefit analysis can provide guidance on the necessity of adding an incremental feature if its implementation will generate X quantity of CO2e that requires offsetting. The framework will consider the implementation of green software approaches from both top down (organisation strategy) and bottom up (DevOps community).

  • PM: Sean Mcilroy (LI) | Green Software Foundation

  • Chair: Pindy Bhullar

  • Chair: Vacant

  • Website: In draft

  • Repository:TOSS Github repo


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