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    Our Meetup program facilitates the growth of the global community of green software practitioners.


    Our goal is to continuously grow the network of sustainable software practitioners around the globe and increase membership by igniting a passion for greening software and developing deep-rooted relationships rooted in a shared purpose.

    We cover for the costs of running a meetup on http://meetup.com and provide meetup groups with support in the form of assets, materials, sourcing speakers, project management, anything to help reduce the burden of running a local user group to help a local meetup run successful events.

    Getting Started



    Objectives & Key Results

    OKR1: Grow the global meetup community

    • KR1.1: 10K users are members of GSF meetup groups by end of 2023

    • KR1.2: 120 in-person events run by the end of 2023

    • KR1.3: 0% of meetup groups are inactive every month


    Check out https://greensoftwarefoundation.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/~612dd45e45cd76006a84071a/pages/40534019 (under development) to see what we’re working on.

    Meetup Directory

    Non-Geographic Communities

    *Sponsored meetup organised independently of Green Software Foundation. Read the Meetup Guide for info.

    Full description

    GSF aims to create a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling, and best practices for green software. The Meetup community is an excellent way of activating the base. It enables open-source cooperation and involvement for all green software enthusiasts.

    In October 2022, GSF released its new and upgraded Meetup Community, a playground for green software enthusiasts of any rank and order.

    Finding like-minded green software developers is extremely difficult. There is nowhere to turn to for interested individuals to learn more, get involved, and dive into open-source green projects if a GSF member doesn't employ them. It is particularly true for emerging practitioners or people eager to transition into the green software space. IT events are often in English, with local languages playing a subordinate role.
    The GSF Meetup ecosystem has solved these issues by bringing together individuals interested in green software, enabling them to engage in local chapters and groups in their local language.

    It has also created a mechanism for GSF member organizations to get their employees involved and a base for identifying and connecting with promising talent for junior and senior roles.