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    Podcast (Environment Variables)

    The Green Software Foundation flagship podcast is called Environment Variables, with new episodes released every Wednesday. Environment Variables has two types of episodes that are called The Week in Green Software and Fact Check.


    "Environment Variables is the voice of the Green Software Foundation." - Asim Hussain, Executive Director, Green Software Foundation.

    The Environment Variables podcast launched in April 2022 to provide the Foundation a way to connect and inspire sustainability tech enthusiasts who prefer to listen rather than read. Asim Hussain, Chairperson, and Executive Director, believes "Environment Variables is the voice of the Green Software Foundation."

    The podcast is one of the many ways the Foundation disseminates its content and shares insights, practical tips, and use cases to promote wide-scale industry adoption of green software. The podcast continues to play a vital role in improving knowledge by "surfacing interesting conversations from leaders and experts in the field of green software" and improving culture by "normalizing conversations about green software," objectives core to our theory of change.

    The Week in Green Software (TWiGS)

    During each episode, we discuss the latest news regarding how to reduce the emissions of software and how the industry is dealing with its own environmental impact. The host is typically joined by 1-3 guests each episode to dive into the latest news, insights, policy changes and standards shaping green software design and development.

    Fact Check

    One-on-one chats with someone in the Green Software field. Fact Check episodes are in short interview format. Each episode allows practitioners to learn more about an expert or thought leader in the field and their specialty.

    Get Involved in Environment Variables

    Are you passionate about green software and sustainability? We are always open to connecting with individuals from our member organizations interested in contributing to the design, curation, and production of our podcast. There are various ways you can get involved and make a meaningful impact, from:

    • Being a guest on the podcast

      • Guests can ONLY be from GSF member organizations

      • The host selects the guests for their show

    • Being a host/co-hosting an episode

    • Sourcing guests/topics for the podcast

    • Researching topics for the podcast

    Reach out via email to podcast@greensoftware.foundation if you are interested in being on or contributing to the design/curation or production of our podcast. Our Project Manager/Producer supports you through the whole process.


    OKR1: Grow the podcast audience

    • KR 1.1: 1000 of total subscribers by end of 2023

      • Estimate start 2023 is 88

    • KR 1.2: 5000 monthly listeners by end of 2023

      • Estimate start 2023 is 500-1000

    • KR 1.3: Release one episode a week by the end of 2023