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Community / Principles

Our Green Software for Practitioners Course enables practitioners to understand and reduce their products' carbon emissions.


The principles and patterns project focuses on content that educates software practitioners so they have the knowledge and tools to build green software. Our Green Software for Practitioners course is a freely available training for Green Software Principles.

Getting Started

  • The best place to get started with the principles project is to post in the principles or patterns discussions forum.

  • There are many ways to get involved from:

    • Reviewing the content and ensuring it is correct/up-to date.

    • Suggesting additions, extensions, new training courses.

    • Expanding on the quiz questions.



Objectives & Key Results

OKR1: Ensure people are trained on green software principles

  • KR1.1: 1 million people have enrolled in one of our training courses


Full description

The most significant bottleneck to adopting green software practices is a lack of knowledge.

In September 2022, the Green Software Foundation released the first version of its Green Software for Practitioners Course. Freely available training for Green Software Principles.

The concepts a software practitioner needs to know to build, maintain and run greener applications are not taught in traditional software curriculums.

The lack of a shared language or standardized terms complicates green software communication.

The green software space is moving very fast, but the knowledge required to engage meaningfully takes time.

As organizations look to hire green software talent, we need a method of evaluating the knowledge of software practitioners to ensure they meet a minimum and consistent level of understanding.

The Green Software for Practitioners Course is the evolution of the initial training on this subject created in 2019, the Principles of Green Software Engineering. The principles helped solve some of the problems in this space but lacked a certification method. Training for the exam should require 2-3 hours so people can level up fast. The course will be free and administered by a vendor-neutral body.

"Our goal is to have 1 million people complete our Green Software for Practitioners Course by December 2023" - Asim Hussain, Executive Director at Green Software Foundation.