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Apply to be a Green Software Champion

Hello! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Green Software Champion.

The Green Software Champions project showcases the amazing work of our community. Our directory features amazing speakers, writers, organizers, mentors & contributors around the world who are leading the way in decarbonizing software.

Could you be a Champion?

If you are an active practitioner in the green tech and software sustainability community, and  are advocating for practices to ensure a future where software has zero harmful effects on the environment, you might be a Green Software Champion.

We’re looking for community builders, thought leaders and technical experts who are passionate about inspiring, educating and mobilizing individuals & organizations towards the decarbonization of software and the wider IT industry.

A Green Software Champion is a software practitioner who has made at least two relevant contributions to Green Software in the past year and at least one in the past 6 months. This is a minimum requirement, with exceptions for those taking a leave of absence.

The more activity contributions the Champion adds to the Directory, the greater the chance of being added and renewed in the Directory. The final decision will be taken by the GSF.

The Working Groups and Projects of the GSF frequently review all activities and profiles to ensure our Champions Directory represents the best of the community.

In 2024 we will start assessing our most prolific and celebrated Champions with the new “Expert” status. In order to be considered, keep adding contributions to your Champions profile.

Application Process

To apply to become a Green Software Champion, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the form here with your personal and professional information. This will help us to create your profile on the Champions site, where you can showcase your contributions and connect with other Champions. Find out more about the requirements.

  1. Submit your first activity to Green Software by clicking on the button at the bottom of the profile form. An activity can be any of the following: speaking, organizing, writing, mentoring, open source contributions, or contributions to GSF groups or projects. You can provide a link or a description of your activity, or even a video. Every activity must be linked to a Green Software Foundation project or working group, though you don’t have to be part of that project or group.


Unsure which project to link to? Here’s some examples:

  1. For general awareness work such as a talk on the basics of Green Software, we recommend linking your activity to the Community Working Group.

  2. If you’re doing a talk or writing an article about Measurement, link your activity to a project in that space such as SCI or Impact Framework, or to the Standards Working Group.

  3. If you’re referencing an Open Source project which isn’t listed, use the Open Source Working Group.


  1. Wait for our review and approval of your application. We will verify your information and activity, and contact you by email within two weeks. If your application is approved, you will become a Green Software Champion and receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access and update your profile on the Champions site.


Time to apply!


Ready to apply? The link to apply is https://grnsft.org/champions/new. You’ll need to provide the following information about yourself, and then submit your first activity. This will take 10-15 minutes, so grab a tea or coffee (or another drink of your choice!).

Profile Fields


Activity Fields

Now that you’ve added your profile, it’s time to add your first activity. Be sure to add one activity at a time, there will be an opportunity to add more as soon as you’ve submitted your first activity. You need to submit your profile before you can add an activity, but here’s the link in case you’ve already done so.

Next Steps…

We wish you the best of luck! As mentioned, it will take a week or two to get you up and running while your application goes through a review. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at champs-team@greensoftware.foundation.