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    What is the Green Software Champions project?

    What is the Green Software Champions project?

    The Green Software Champions project showcases the amazing work of our community. Our directory features amazing speakers, writers, organizers, mentors & contributors around the world who are leading the way in decarbonizing software.


    A Green Software Champion is a software practitioner who has made at least two relevant contributions to Green Software in the past year and at least one in the past 6 months.

    The more activity contributions the Champion adds to the Directory, the greater the chance of being added and renewed in the Directory.

    Could you be a Champion?

    If you are an active practitioner in the green tech and software sustainability community, and  are advocating for practices to ensure a future where software has zero harmful effects on the environment, you might be a Green Software Champion.

    We’re looking for community builders, thought leaders and technical experts who are passionate about inspiring, educating and mobilizing individuals & organizations towards the decarbonization of software and the wider IT industry.

    Our Champions project is your chance to shine and amplify your work in this area.

    In 2024 we'll start awarding our most prolific & celebrated Champions with the new “Expert” status. We’ll update this page when full details of our Experts status is available.

    Champions & Experts working together

    Green Software Champions consists of two tiers: Champion and Expert (launching in 2024). Each tier has different criteria, benefits, and recognition. Experts are Champions who have demonstrated technical excellence and leadership in Green Software.

    The program aims to create a vibrant community of Green Software leaders who can inspire and educate others on how to reduce the carbon footprint of software.

    Why become a Champion?

    Amplify your efforts: You’re doing amazing work already - Green Software Champions is there to make your voice more impactful and accessible to the community.

    Networking Opportunities: Be part of the Champions community with access to experiences that connect you with other passionate Green Software practitioners and further support your aspirations to accelerate green software adoption.

    Expert Pathway: Unlock the opportunity to be nominated for Expert status, marking your exceptional leadership in the field.

    Looking to contact a Champion?

    The easiest way to contact a Champion is via their social channels as linked to in the Champion Profile.

    If, however you have a specific requirement to contact a Champion over email, or haven’t been able to reach them over social, you can contact us directly.

    Please email us directly at champs-team@greensoftware.foundation


    What is the Green Software Foundation Champions program?

    A: The Green Software Foundation Champions program is a program that recognizes and rewards the top contributors to Green Software. The program consists of two tiers: Champion and Expert. Each tier has different criteria, benefits, and recognition. Expert will launch in early 2024.

    What is Green Software?

    A: Green Software is software that has a minimal impact on the environment and contributes to the decarbonization of the software industry. Green Software aims to reduce the carbon footprint of software by optimising its design, development, deployment, and usage.

    What are “contributions”?

    A contribution can be any of the following:

    • Speaking (Conference, Meetup, Podcast, Internal Event, Online Video)

    • Organizing (Community/events)

    • Writing (Article, Blog, Training/Knowledge-building Resource)

    • Mentoring

    • Open Source Contributions

    • Contributions to GSF Groups/Projects

    Please note, we will assess all submitted activities/contributions and reserve the right to change these requirements in the future. All activities are approved by the relevant project or working group.

    Activities can be submitted through the Activity Form (existing/pending Champions only). Or head over to the site; where you can also view and filter Champions by country, activity type and associated GSF Project.

    How can I become a Green Software Expert?

    A: To become a Green Software Expert, you need to be a Champion who has demonstrated technical excellence and leadership in Green Software. You need to be an existing Champion, and have at least 5 activities in the proceeding calendar year. You also need to receive the approval of an existing Green Software Expert and Working Group chair. You also need to provide a written statement of why you would like to be considered. Full details on this process will arrive in 2024.

    What are the benefits of being a Champion?

    A: The benefits of being a Champion are:

    • Visibility and exposure of your contributions to other software practitioners

    • Networking experiences

    • Opportunity to be nominated for Expert status

    How do I contact the Champions team?

    Please email us at champs-team@greensoftware.foundation.