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    Community / Champions

    This is an advanced project overview designed for Green Software Foundation members.

    If you’d like to become a Champion: https://greensoftwarefoundation.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/~612dd45e45cd76006a84071a/pages/89718883

    For an introduction to Champions please visit https://greensoftwarefoundation.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/~612dd45e45cd76006a84071a/pages/93814804


    The GSF is launching a project to celebrate top contributors to Green Software. The program will consist of two tiers: Champion and Expert. Each tier will have different criteria, benefits, and recognition. Green Software Champions is launching at Decarbonize Software 2023, Green Software Experts will launch in early 2024.


    Project description

    The GSF Champions website is your directory to reach passionate software practitioners - all of whom are contributing to the Green Software movement. Each Champion profile shows a wide range of activities including Speaking, Writing, Organizing, Mentoring and Contributions to GSF and the wider OSS community.

    The benefits of being a Champion are:

    • Visibility and exposure of their contributions to other software practitioners

    • Access to GSF resources and network

    • Opportunity to be nominated for Expert status in the future

    The directory includes search and filtering functionality - so you can find a Champion by the type of activity, location and organization.

    Want to contact a Champion directly?

    We recommend you reach out to them directly via their social media channels.


    • PM: @Adam Jackson (Unlicensed)

    • Website: https://speakers.greensoftware.foundation

    • Governance:

    • Repo: GitHub - Repo | Speakers

    • Project Board: GitHub - Project Board | Speakers

    • TOC:

      • This project will support the Theory Of Change pillar of Community, creating a network of Green Software leaders who can inspire and educate others on how to think about the environmental impact of software. It will also support the pillar of Tooling, encouraging individual contributors to actively participate in knowledge-sharing, discussion and improving open-source tools and resources that can help measure and reduce the environmental footprint of software..


    • Email: champs-team@greensoftware.foundation

    • GitHub: Discussions

    Getting Started

    • The best place to get started with the speakers project is to post in the speakers discussion forum.

    • There are many ways to get involved from:

      • Becoming a speaker.

      • Coaching speakers.

      • Helping create engaging speaker decks.

      • Liaising with conferences/meetups to ensure they have speakers for green software.

    • If you are an experienced and new speaker, register on the Speakers Bureau website.

    • If you are someone looking for speaker on green software, visit Speakers Bureau website and contact individual speakers or submit your call for papers.



    OBJ1: Create a vibrant community of Champions & Experts

    • KR1.1: Achieving an average of 100 contributions in the last month (3 month rolling average) by Feb 29th 2024

    • KR1.2 At least 10 people add new contributions per month by Dec 31 2023

    OBJ2: Increase the retention and loyalty of our Champions & Experts

    • KR2.1: Achieving a 90% renewal rate of existing Champions & Experts by December 31, 2024

    • KR2.2: Achieve a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of our Champions & Experts of 70 by December 31, 2024

    • KR2.3: Sending out a bimonthly newsletter to our Champions & Experts with relevant updates and opportunities

    OBJ3: Expand the reach and influence of our Champions & Experts

    • KR3.1: Securing at least 30 speaking opportunities for our Champions & Experts at relevant events by December 31, 2024

    • KR3.2: At least 1000 visitors to the Champions & Experts site per month by December 31, 2024Full description



    Q: What is the Green Software Foundation Champions program?

    A: The Green Software Foundation Champions program is a program that recognizes and rewards the top contributors to Green Software. The program consists of two tiers: Champion and Expert. Each tier has different criteria, benefits, and recognition. Expert will launch in early 2024.

    Q: What is Green Software?

    A: Green Software is software that has a minimal impact on the environment and contributes to the decarbonization of the software industry. Green Software aims to reduce the carbon footprint of software by optimising its design, development, deployment, and usage.

    Q: How can I become a Champion?

    A: To become a Champion, you need to make at least two contributions to Green Software in the past year. A contribution can be any of the following:

    • Speaking (Conference, Meetup, Online Video)

    • Organising [community/events]

    • Writing (Article, Blog)

    • Open Source Contributions

    • Contributions to GSF Groups/Projects

    Please note, we will assess all submitted activities/contributions and reserve the right to change these requirements in the future. All activities are approved by the relevant project or working group.

    You can submit your activities through the Champions site, where you can also view and filter other Champions by country, activity type, experience level, or ability to travel.

    Q: How can I become a Green Software Expert?

    A: To become a Green Software Expert, you need to be a Champion who has demonstrated technical excellence and leadership in Green Software. You need to have at least five contributions across at least three categories in the past year. You also need to receive the approval of an existing Green Software Expert and Working Group chair. You also need to provide a written statement of why you would like to be considered. Full details on this process will arrive in 2024.

    Q: What are the benefits of being a Champion?

    A: The benefits of being a Champion are:

    • Visibility and exposure of your contributions to other software practitioners

    • Access to GSF resources and network

    • Opportunity to be nominated for Expert status